Continuing to Invest in our City's future - Carlo DeMaria

Continuing to Invest in our City's future

A little over a year ago, I proposed the importance of a Capital Improvement Plan and advocated for making a sound investment in both infrastructure projects and long term planning and development for Everett.

As a result, for the first time, our City adopted a prudent, long-term financial planning forecast that has allowed for the upkeep and growth of essential infrastructure and the work we have done to analyze, plan, and initiate development in the City. 

Since I first ran for Mayor in 2007, I made a pledge as I went door to door to build a bigger and better Everett.  I, more than anyone, believe in a greater vision, a higher level of expectation, for our City and our local government.  I am proud to say that we have made great strides toward these goals.  A large part is due to our smart financial planning, as outlined in our CIP, and the sensible investments we have made as a result. However, our successes are also due in part to the smart investments we have made in the personnel who work daily toward our ultimate vision.

Having the right professionals leading important departments such as City Services, Planning and Development, Finance, and Inspectional Services, to name just a few, is essential to achieving the goals we have set for the City. Our citizens want and expect consistent improvements to roads, sewer, and water systems.  They want safe and functional police and fire apparatus.  They want schools, police stations, firehouses, parks, recreational facilities, and libraries they can take pride in.  Our residents want, and deserve, this vision for Everett.  They deserve a City of value.  To build and retain that value we must have capable personnel working for the people of our city.    

Bill Gates once said, “If we weren’t still hiring great people, and pushing ahead at full speed, it would be easy to fall behind and become a mediocre company.”  I never want Everett to be considered mediocre.  I believe too much in our greatness.  Therefore, I am a strong advocate for hiring the brightest and best leaders and workers for my team.  To me, this is just as important an investment as any other.  For without quality, qualified people, major projects and revolutionary undertakings would not be possible.  We would not be able to be as proactive, and move forward with our vision.

You may have seen the recent articles appearing in the newspaper highlighting key personnel who are working everyday to turn vision into reality. These individuals are critical to the success we have seen in the time since I became Mayor, and it is important for the people of Everett to know the professionals who lead our departments. For too long, the priority of my predecessors was to hire personnel who may have been able to do the job and maintain the status quo, but not make the types of leaps forward we have seen in Everett in the past six years. Now, by offering competitive compensation for professionals, we can attract the team that can innovate, professionalize, and help me carry Everett into the future.  

I refuse to let Everett settle for less.  I believe in setting the bar high.  I believe in asking more from my departments, my staff, and my department heads.  I want our departments to be lead by the best and brightest in their fields, so that Everett gets the robust leadership team that it deserves.  It is my job as Mayor, and my continued pledge to those people I speak to everyday, to make sure that our City has all the tools and personnel it needs to operate, to grow, and to flourish.  

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