DeMaria Announces Bid for Re-Election - Carlo De Maria

DeMaria Announces Bid for Re-Election

Mayor Carlo DeMaria formally announced his bid for re-election to his fourth Mayoral term this week. DeMaria, who began his tenure as Mayor in 2008, has been a steady hand in the Mayor’s Office for the past six years.

DeMaria’s entire career has been dedicated to the City of Everett. He started as a City Councilor when he was nineteen years old and served as both a Councilor and Aldermen before his successful Mayoral run in 2007.

“Serving my neighbors and family as Mayor has been the greatest honor of my life,” said DeMaria. “We have made historic progress since coming into office, but the work isn’t done. The foundation has been laid for a prosperous future for us – it’s Everett’s time.”

As Mayor, DeMaria works to bring value to the City of Everett through extensive capital improvements, community involvement and a commitment to safe, clean streets and housing.

DeMaria has been an advocate for Everett residents at the local and state level, fighting for municipal relief for the City and taxpayers, and advocating for increased regulations for illegal guns with Mayor Thomas Menino, Mayor Joe Curtatone, Mayor Gary Christensen and others.

In the past two years, he has advocated for important quality of life legislation, including a 30% homeowner exemption, which would reduce the tax burden on both Everett residents and Everett businesses, a linkage fee to reduce the impact of new developments on residents and is currently proposing a moratorium on marijuana dispensaries in the City.

“People are starting to see Everett for what we have known it to be all along – a great place to live, go to school, to do business and develop.” DeMaria said. “Everett is a city on the move.”


He also introduced a 60 million dollar five year capital improvement program, which has already begun implementation.  This program includes street and water work, new water meters, reconstruction of Glendale Park and the Shute Library, and repairs to the Parlin School and the fire and police departments.  Work has already been completed at the World War II Memorial Roll Call Board and the 9/11 Memorial Plaza.

In the coming year, DeMaria will begin reconstruction on the Madeline English Park, including a turf field, and plans to build a sports complex at Seven Acre Park.

DeMaria, who lives in Everett with his wife Stacy and three children, Carlo, Caroline and Alexandra, has been committed to keeping Everett’s streets safe and clean.  This year he implemented a new waste management program, which requires trash to be in city approved containers.  This program has been credited with doubling recycling and keeps Everett’s streets cleaner and vermin free.  He spearheaded a safe housing initiative, which cited, closed and made safe over 150 unsafe houses in just one year.   

“I’ve lived in Everett my entire life. I take pride in what we have been able to accomplish to improve the quality of life for every Everett resident. We take the business of clean streets, safe homes and a high standard of living seriously – and we are moving in the right direction.” DeMaria said.

DeMaria has been praised by the State Office of Business Development as business friendly and has in the past year through tax incentive programs attracted and expanded Everett businesses, creating more jobs for Everett residents.  Through sound fiscal management, DeMaria’s administration has maintained a good bond rating, placed money in the City’s savings account, and returned money to the City for the past two years.  The administration collected more than one million dollars in past due taxes this year, and kept the tax levy $1.4 million dollars below the limit, saving the average family 145 dollars.  Through diligent collections by the administration, this year’s revenues were one million dollars more than anticipated.  All of these factors created free cash in excess of five million dollars for the City.

“I’m proud that the City of Everett has been recognized as fiscally secure and financially stable due to our increased revenue, excess capacity and diligent fiscal policies,” DeMaria said.

DeMaria, 40, is active in Metro Mayors, Massachusetts Municipal Association, the National League of Cities and the United States Conference of Mayors.  He is an elected member of the Metropolitan Planning Organization and involved with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council.


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