DeMaria hands on 1000 Nomination Signatures - Carlo DeMaria

DeMaria hands on 1000 Nomination Signatures

Mayor Carlo DeMaria turned in one thousand nomination signatures to be on the ballot for his fourth term as Mayor this week.

“I’m honored that so many residents took the time to sign my nomination papers,” DeMaria said, “I’m excited about this campaign season and would like to thank all my friends and volunteers who spent time helping me get on the ballot.”

DeMaria, who is currently serving his third term as Mayor, lives on Belmont Street with his wife Stacy and three children, Carlo, Caroline and Alexandra.  DeMaria grew up in Everett, and attended the Everett Public Schools and Northeastern University.  He received a degree in Criminal Justice.


“This is a very exciting time for Everett,” DeMaria said.  “We’ve had six years of great progress.  We’ve seen commercial and housing development, a potential casino development, capital improvements, new parks and streets.  We are doing great things and I know the next four years will be even better.”

Over the past three terms, DeMaria has instituted the container trash program, negotiated a fruitful host agreement with Steve Wynn, instituted a new pavement management plan, and renovated Glendale Park, Shapiro Park, the Stadium and the Parlin School.  DeMaria has been recognized as “business friendly” by the state and has kept Everett’s finances so stable that the City has one of the best bond ratings in the area.  DeMaria also instituted a city beautification program with his wife Stacy and built the 9/11 memorial park through those funds.  Every year DeMaria hosts Cityfest, the Mayor’s Senior BBQ, Spring and Fall Clean- up Days, Independence Day, the Farmer’s Market, and the Summer Concert Series.  DeMaria has instituted health programming, including boot camp and Zumba classes and the Energize Everett program.  DeMaria has added to the City’s Stabilization fund, advocated for the thirty percent homeowner tax exemption, implemented the Senior Work Program, and implemented the municipal lien ordinance.  DeMaria is an elected member of the Metropolitan Planning Organization, an active member of the Massachusetts Municipal Association and the Metro Mayors and a member of Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns.


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