DeMaria holds volunteer meeting - Carlo De Maria

DeMaria holds volunteer meeting

                Mayor Carlo DeMaria held his first workers’ meeting this week at his new headquarters on Broadway.   Over 75 volunteers cheered for DeMaria while he thanked them for their support.

                DeMaria, who is currently running for his fourth term as Mayor, said he was humbled and thankful for the crowd of supporters.

                “This is a testament to all that we have accomplished over the past six years,” DeMaria stated after the meeting.  “I couldn’t win elections without this team and I am so lucky to have this kind of support.”

                DeMaria, who lives in Everett with his wife Stacy and children, Carlo, Caroline and Alexandra, has served Everett for over twenty years as City Councilor, Aldermen and Mayor.    DeMaria attended the Everett Public Schools and Northeastern University, earning a degree in Criminal Justice.

                “I love this City,” DeMaria said.  “I couldn’t be more proud to call Everett home.  I am looking forward to a collegial and respectful election season, where we focus on issues.”

                If you are interested in volunteering for the DeMaria campaign, you can find more information on facebook and at or you can contact the committee at 617-387-5600 or

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