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Everett Pride

I have always loved Everett.  I love the streets, the parks and the people.  I am proud to call each and every one of you my neighbors.  And I have never been more proud than I was last week.  The number of residents that showed up on a rainy and raw night to remember the victims of the Boston Marathon at the candle light vigil was astounding.  As I looked around at the faces while the Everett High School chorus sang Hallelujah, I was choked with pride.  There were children, the same age as some of the victims, clinging on to American flags, their faces wet from rain.  There were our elderly neighbors standing under umbrellas, their faces stoic, their thoughts sad, but their eyes still hopeful.   All standing proud was our public safety. The same people that each and every day protects our homes, our streets and our lives.  We can’t and we don’t thank them enough.

            This week, I was honored to present citations to the members of the SWAT team from Everett and our surrounding cities that protected that Commonwealth of Massachusetts during the Boston Marathon crisis.  These officers left their families at home and put their lives on the line to make sure that each of us was secure and safe.  I am both humbled and proud that I get to work with these men and women every day.

            People get down on Everett sometimes.  People in the news or people that don’t know us.  Sometimes even our own residents and our own elected officials.  I don’t.

I know the people of Everett are good.  I know the people of Everett are proud.  And I know the people of Everett come together when the times are toughest and the sky is grey to support each other and to be true neighbors.

            We truly are a community of neighbors.  Three square miles of friends and families.  When something goes wrong, like a major fire, the devastation in Haiti or the marathon bombings, the people of Everett are there.  Whether it is with donations, prayers, support or a smile, you can count on your neighbors from Mason Street to Lynde Street. 

            Next time you hear someone get down on Everett, try to do what I do and correct them with facts.  When they tell you Everett is riddled with crime, remind them that crime is down 28% in the past five years.  If they try to tell you that Everett is in financial ruins, tell them that Everett has been recognized by the banking industry as financially stable.  When they say that no developers are investing in Everett, remind them about L.Knife, Cumar Tile and Steve Wynn!  And when they say home values are down in Everett, tell them home values are down everywhere!  But they are on the rise and Everett is too!  

            I invest in Everett every day.  I invest my time, my money and my heart.  I know that you do too.  I am proud to live beside you, I am proud to be your neighbor and I am proud to be your mayor.

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