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Focused on Results

As a public official, and as a life-long resident of this City, I have always expressed my belief in Everett’s immense potential.  Throughout my entire tenure as Mayor I have advocated for a dynamic, long-term vision for our community; one that demands a higher quality of life for residents and revitalizes the financial, economic, and aesthetic foundations of our City.  It is evident through the work my administration has done that we remain committed to these goals, and are focused on getting results. 

For the last six years, our City has made great strides.  We have established a fiscally responsible Capital Improvement Program that allows us both to maintain and invest in our infrastructure and services.  Where the City was once reactionary in the approach to budgeting, finance, and special projects, we now rely on strategic planning and budgeting that uses carefully crafted five-year financial forecasts to predict revenues and expenditures.  Since the establishment of the CIP we have seen the reconstruction of numerous roads and sidewalks, the replacement of essential water infrastructure including: new residential water meters, new water department vehicles, and the no-interest MWRA Bond for water main replacements, the renovation of major parks and playgrounds such as Everett Stadium and Glendale Park, the redesign and/or repair of facilities including: the Police Station, E911, the Parlin School, and the Hancock and Central Fire stations.

This year we continue our Capital Improvement initiatives with the addition of Smart Boards for our secondary schools, additional roadway and sidewalk repair per the pavement management program, City-wide Tot Lot repair and renovation, construction of the Madeline English Park, the design and reconstruction of 7-Acre Park, and the planning and design for Norwood Street and the Everett Square Plaza, a starting point for our long-term vision for the complete revitalization of Everett Square. These improvement projects are essential in that they directly impact the future of Everett.  They help to create a city with improved appearance, increased property values, and first-rate facilities, equipment, and infrastructure.   They build a city of value.

We have also seen extensive results and recognition regarding our planning and development efforts.  Through prudent administrative decisions we have restructured and are expanding City departments, such as Planning and Development and Inspectional Services, which are integral parts to achieving our vision for growth and revitalization.  These departments work daily to push forward new development, to highlight our City for private developers, and to work hand in hand with the developers who commit to establishing themselves here.  We have successfully created and acted upon developmental studies and proposals such as the Lower Broadway Master Plan, the Municipal Harbor Plan, and the Commercial Triangle Plan, all which facilitate meaningful and smart urban redevelopment in Everett.  And I will continue to advocate for studies and analysis regarding zoning and urban redevelopment, as well as the establishment of ordinances and programs such as the Parkway Overlay District and the Redevelopment Authority, so that we have all the tools we need to propagate smart, efficient urban renewal.

Results from our redevelopment work can be seen from the numerous amount of private developments that we have attained including the Broadway Lofts, the Charleston Lofts, L.Knife & Sons, Cumar Marble and Granite, Nightshift Brewery, La Tortilleria Nina, The Waters Ave Development, and the recent renewed interest in the former Berkeley Green site on Air Force Road.  Our business-friendly reputation and our proactive attitude toward development has also attracted the premier private developer in the world, Steve Wynn, who has applied to build the first Massachusetts resort and gaming facility, right here in Everett. 

And we are not just seeing reaction to our progress locally.  Last year, Richard Pellagrini, the Greater Boston Regional Director for the Massachusetts Office of Business Development, stated that his office applauds Everett on being “active in attracting developments” and that the City is “being recognized as a business-friendly community” on a state level.  Developers such as Steve Wynn and Andy Montelli (the Charleston Lofts project), and business owners and CEOs, such as Mike Oxton (Nightshift Brewery) and Tim Sheehan (L.Knife & Sons) have concurred with this statement, praising our administration and its commitment to our business and development community, mentioning the welcoming and supportive atmosphere our City provides for new developments and businesses. 

And the recognition continues.  As reported by the Boston Globe this past Sunday (in the Globe North Section, page 8), Everett was recently chosen by the Massachusetts Secretary of Housing and Economic Development, Gregory Bialecki, as one of his urban development hot spots to tour north of Boston.  Citing our extensive “opportunity for development growth,” the Secretary praised our work and commended us on our proactive approach to development.  During our tour he stated, “The municipal leaders in these places want things to happen.  Massachusetts in the past had a reputation of being a tough place to get [development] done. But we've found that Everett, and other neighboring communities, don't have that attitude. They want more private investment.”

The tour with the Secretary was a great opportunity to display the ongoing developments and growth occurring in our City.  I have always been a proponent for growth and expansion.  I have always seen the potential, the possibilities.  Even during the hardest economic times, my vision has never waivered.  At one point, I had to defend this belief to some members of our City Council who would have preferred a moratorium on development.  I have had to defend against cuts to our Capital Improvement Plan.  To me, these decisions would have done nothing but waste time and potential.  It has been the proactive, progressive work to bring development and to facilitate improvements in our City that has gotten us to where we are now, that has gotten us results.  And that is how I will continue to lead in the future.

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