Mayor Meets with Coca-Cola to Launch Healthy Initiatives - Carlo DeMaria

Mayor Meets with Coca-Cola to Launch Healthy Initiatives


Mayor Carlo DeMaria is pleased to report that the City of Everett, in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club, has begun working with Coca- Cola to launch healthy initiatives for children in the community. 

In an effort to promote healthier lifestyles, the Coca- Cola company funds and sponsors balanced living events to help communities plan for and launch innovative projects that are designed to provide young people ages 6 to 18 with a basic knowledge of nutrition, exercise, and teamwork.  These events are to help teach children in our communities how to make positive food choices, enjoy sustained physical activity, and develop a sense of self-reliance.

“A partnership with Coca- Cola will help our community find healthy solutions for our children and families,” states Mayor DeMaria, “It is important as leaders of a community to provide information and resources in order to help fight obesity and allow our children to live a healthy and safe lifestyle.”

With the help of outreach done by the Boys and Girls Club, the City intends to initiate this partnership by planning a collaborative Field Day Event to be held at the old Everett High School Field House.  Representatives from Coca-Cola, the City, and B&G Club are working together to schedule a date and finalize details for the event.  

Other possible future projects with Coca-Cola include their “Take it to the Park” program, in which City neighborhood parks compete for a $25K renovation grant. 

“We look forward to partnering with Coca-Cola,” added Mayor DeMaria, “and to any assistance they can provide for projects to help keep our kids active and involved.”


-Original article published Thursday, July 4th, Everett Leader Herald News Gazette


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