Mayor Presents Planning and Development Inititatives at Joint Convention

Mayor Carlo DeMaria presented several items regarding long-term development initiatives for the City to the City Council this past Monday night, August 19th at a Joint Convention.  At the meeting, the Mayor asked for endorsement of the Lower Broadway Master Plan (LBMP), the comprehensive planning and development strategy that the administration has been working on for the past several years but was comprehensively completed in 2012.  The Mayor also presented information on rezoning efforts for the area that will be consistent with both the Lower Broadway Master Plan and the potential Wynn Everett development.

The Mayor and his staff also introduced the concept of a more comprehensive long-term urban renewal plan for the Lower Broadway area of the City, building off of the LBMP, including the establishment of a Redevelopment Authority.  A Redevelopment Authority is a public administrative unit given responsibility for the renovation of blighted urban areas, and can do such things as acquire, redevelop, and sell property within a targeted area.

Mayor DeMaria and his administration believe that a Redevelopment Authority will assist in realizing the long- term vision for the City, and help jumpstart the redevelopment of the Lower Broadway area. With a Redevelopment Authority in place, the Department of Planning and Development, along with any necessary consultants and firms, could focus on developing a comprehensive analysis of existing conditions and outlining land acquisitions, dispositions and a range of possible future redevelopment goals for the aforementioned areas. 


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