Mayor Reduces City Workforce by 6% Since 2008 - Carlo DeMaria

Mayor Reduces City Workforce by 6% Since 2008


Mayor Carlo DeMaria announced this week that based on the recently presented FY2014 budget, he has cut the City’s workforce by 6.25 percent since taking office in 2008. 

Always looking for ways to manage with fiscal responsibility, the Mayor stated that the current 2014 budget has only 507 positions -not including the School Department, but including the water/sewer enterprise fund.  The 2008 budget that was created previously under the Hanlon administration included 527 positions.

“I’m proud that we’ve been able to reduce the budget by this many positions through attritions, without layoffs,” DeMaria said of the cuts.  “More importantly, we’ve maintained services for our residents and even lowered the city’s portion of the budget this year.” 

Many of the positions were cut through retirement incentives offered by the DeMaria administration.  Positions that were not needed were not filled and were removed entirely from the budget.  “By removing these positions from the budget, we not only save money on salaries, but also on health care and retirement costs,” DeMaria explained.  “It’s a win for the entire community.”

- Original article published Friday, June 7, 2013, Everett Advocate Newspaper

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