Mayor Unveils Shapiro Park Renovation - Carlo DeMaria

Mayor Unveils Shapiro Park Renovation

Mayor Carlo DeMaria and the City of Everett gathered together this past Thursday, July 25th for the unveiling of the newly renovated Shapiro Park.  

Despite the weather, the community event was well attended by residents and local officials.  The park received a $93,000 renovation, paid for in part by $78,000 in Community Development Block Grant funding, as well as funds from the FY13 Capital Improvement Plan.  Updates included the removal off all sand, which was replaced with ADA compliant “pour-and-play” surface material, renovation and replacement of Tot Lot equipment and swings, as well as the addition of new benches and trash receptacles. 

The Mayor addressed the attendees and expressed the importance of renovation and development within the City, especially to community areas such as playgrounds.  “Shapiro Park is just the first of many tot lots and parks around the City that will receive updates and renovations,” stated Mayor DeMaria, “As part of the Capital Improvement Plan this year, we will be focusing on all the recreational areas in the City.  Keeping our recreational areas and green spaces current and well maintained is an essential aspect of retaining value in our City.  Our residents, especially our children, deserve the very best places to retreat to for fun and relaxation.” 

Beverly Faison Sneed, a teacher at the Northshore Collaborative, attended the ceremony to thank the Mayor and the City for renovating Shapiro Park.  “I am very happy with the renovations to Shapiro Park and want to thank the City of Everett for making the changes,” stated Sneed, “It is definitely more accessible than it was.  I took my class (preschool age students with special needs) the other day and they had a really good time.  It is my dream to someday see adapted equipment or structures that would give children in wheelchairs or with limited motor ability full access to parks/playgrounds in our communities.”  Sneed commented that with the addition of the new ADA surface material (which replaced the sand) her children in wheelchairs were able to enter the park and play with the other children inside the Tot Lot facility. 

All attendees that helped re-open the Alpine and Silver Road neighborhood playground got to see and test out the new play area and enjoy some ice cream.


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