Our Streets. Our Parks. Our Safety. - Carlo DeMaria

Our Streets. Our Parks. Our Safety.

Our Streets.  Our Parks.  Our Safety.

My family is your neighbors.  My children play at the same parks as your children.  My wife runs the same streets as you do.  I go to the same stores.  I walk the same streets.  Safety is my number one concern.  The safety of my family and the safety of yours. 

                Throughout my tenure as Mayor, I have been very lucky to be surrounded by top notch public safety officials.  Chief Mazzie and Chief Butler have both been recognized by their peers for the exceptional jobs that they do for Everett.  Our ISD department is staffed with employees who go above and beyond to insure safe streets and housing.  Together, we have made Everett safer and together, we will continue this battle.

                Safe streets are not just about decreasing crime, but I’m proud to say that we have.   Everett saw a decrease in crime of 28 percent in just five years.  If you read the Police Department’s Annual Report, you can see those decreases for yourself.  In five years, we saw a 7 percent decrease in crimes against people and a 23 percent decrease in crimes against property.    Compare that to our neighboring city of Chelsea.  Chelsea was just named the 11th most dangerous city in the United States.  Right at our border. That’s why we formed a Public Safety task force with neighboring cities.  We have increased communication and resources to protect Everett.

                We decreased crime by using smart policing techniques.  We hired the City’s first crime analyst.  This allowed the City to put resources where we need them most.  We increased police officer walk and talks, putting resources on the streets and making them visible to the neighborhoods and in the squares.  We installed cameras in our parks.  We implemented DDACTS, a data-driven approach to law enforcement that is shown to decrease crime and crashes.  We formed alliances with organizations on local, state and federal levels in order to take regional and national approaches to curbing crime.  I joined Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns with Mayor Menino and Senator Warren to share ideas and plans with big cities nationwide.  We let people know that crime and criminal behaviors would not be tolerated on Everett streets.  We did that through proactive policies and through community involvement.  Are we done?  Far from it, but together we can continue to be diligent.  We can keep our families safe.

                And it doesn’t stop there.  To keep our neighborhoods safe, we cracked down on unsafe housing.  Utilizing the Fire Department and our Inspectional Services Department, we have gone street by street and house by house to make sure your family and our public safety personnel are safe.  We closed over a hundred illegal apartments.  These are illegally built rooms in basements and attics.  These are houses renting rooms with locks on the doors.  These are landlords taking advantage of families and putting your family at risk.  These homes are overcrowded.  These homes are burdening our resources.  These homes are at increased risk for fire.  These homes were on your street.   

                Some of those homes were even illegally masquerading as sober homes.  This year we shut down three of those.  Working together, we not only closed the homes.  We kept them closed.

                This is just the beginning.  This year we have budgeted funds to contract with an organization to target at risk young males and work with them to help avoid future criminal activity.  We have continued to fund a domestic violence advocate.  We plan to install police substations in different areas of the City to increase presence.    

Together, we can protect my children and your children.  Together, we can protect our families and our neighbors.  I’m proud to call Everett home.  I never want my children to be afraid at the park.  I never want my wife to be afraid to run and I never want to be afraid on our streets.  I never want your family to be afraid.  They are our streets.  They are our parks.  It is our safety.


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