Superior Officers Endorse DeMaria - Carlo DeMaria

Superior Officers Endorse DeMaria

Police Superior Officer’s Union Local 95 Endorses DeMaria for Mayor


Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s candidacy for Mayor was endorsed by the Police Superior Officer’s Union Local 95 this week.

 “We are proud to endorse DeMaria for Mayor of Everett,” said Demetri O’Malley, President of Local 95.  “DeMaria has been dedicated to the City of Everett and has shown strong leadership on matters of public safety.”

 DeMaria, who has been committed to public safety throughout his career in public office, has worked tirelessly with the police department to give them the resources they need to effectively and safely combat crime. 

 “I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Superior Officers,” DeMaria said.  “I have great respect for this group and its humbling to receive their support.   Public safety is my top priority.  I have been committed to making sure that our streets have adequate patrols and our officers have the training and tools they need.”

 This is the second union representing City employees that has endorsed DeMaria.  Local 25, which represents the clerical, public works and 911 operators, previously endorsed.

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