Vision for Everett - Carlo De Maria

Vision for Everett


 Since he was first elected to the City Council, Mayor DeMaria had a vision of Everett where the city is a leader in development, community involvement, and a government that helps keep the city together.   Mayor DeMaria sees an acute need in the revitalization of Everett Square, bringing new business with new jobs; engaging a community in Health and Fitness activities, sponsoring community events and most important, keeping the city clean and safe.
Mayor DeMaria believes in starting with the “fundamentals:” solid infrastructure, meaningful development, fiscal responsibility, and strong education - in order to prepare for the future.
The Mayor sees some key issues which need immediate attention that contribute to his vision of Everett’s future
  • Blighted Property, Illegal Apartments, Illegal Rooming Houses
    • For years, through good and bad times, the Mayor has been one to pressure his peers to take a strong stance on blighted, abandoned, and illegal properties. This local epidemic is detrimental to our City’s health, degrading neighborhoods, and lowering property values. The Mayor is looking to rid our city of this disgrace, forming the Housing Task Force, to pressure absentee landlords and owners of vacant properties. Enforcing our Certificate of Habitability ensuring we can all live and enjoy our neighborhoods comfortably. Mayor DeMaria will continue this drive to make Everett one of the best places to live.
    • To make Everett stronger, Mayor DeMaria is working with our State and local delegations to develop and Inspectional Services Department. This consolidation will put all Code Enforcement, Building, and Health Inspectors under one roof – simplifying communication, and proactively going after those who challenge our way of life in Everett.
  • Beautification:
    • Living in an area so close to Boston and Cambridge, Mayor DeMaria believes Everett is an attractive site for families, businesses, and education. The Mayor also believes that to be attractive, you have to be willing to put effort into keeping up appearances. With his Beautification Program in full swing, Mayor DeMaria knows Everett’s inner beauty is showing through. His efforts to continue cleaning up streets, parks, common areas, and Everett Square will bring people and business together.
  • Health
    • One key to keeping a community vibrant is making sure the community is healthy. The Mayor knows that we are not victimless when it comes to Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse and other social ailments. He also knows there is a need for quality healthcare, exercise programs, and social programs to keep fellow residents well. Mayor DeMaria, through a great relationship with Cambridge Health Alliance, and the many groups and organizations in Everett, is working to keep everyone in Everett fit. A proud supporter of Senior Exercise programs at the Connolly Center, the Everett Walks and Talks Program, the Recreation Programs, as well as the programs offered by our Human Services Department, Portal to Hope, the Joint Committee on Children’s Healthcare in Everett. The Mayor believes in helping as many people as possible, using as many resources as possible. 
  • Constituent Services
    • At the end of the day, the Mayor could only wish to be all places at all times. The Mayor also knows that all feedback is good feedback, and an active community is a working community. Upon entering office, the Mayor quickly established a constituent services division, to quickly respond to resident issues. From pothole repair to the fire relief fund, from cleaning up after a storm, to helping a neighbor, the Mayor is pushing for stronger response from his office. Mayor DeMaria’s vision includes a “311” number in Everett, so anyone can call to city hall, and get a quick response to their issue, from tax bills to snow removal.   The Mayor believes that above all, working directly with residents is the best way to solve issues, one by one, person by person.
  • Community Development
    • The heart of the community relies on key infrastructure, Mayor DeMaria envisions a transformed Everett, from heavy manufacturing and industry to Green, Life Science, and Biotechnology research and manufacturing. Bringing much needed jobs, education and tax base to the community. He envisions an Everett with well maintained streets, great entryways to the city, and a community who are dedicated to keeping Everett strong.
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