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Vote NO on Question 3

It's Everett's Time. 

It's a historic time for the City of Everett.

As you know, Wynn Resorts has been awarded the sole license in our region to open an expanded gaming facility. Wynn wants to invest over a billion dollars in our community, but there is a misguided effort to wash away the hard work of the past two years. Supporters of Question 3 seek to strip Massachusetts of the ability to reclaim a billion dollars in lost gaming revenue to Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maine, to deprive us of nearly 400 million dollars in revenue to the state, and stifle economic growth and job creation in Massachusetts. This effort is a step in wrong direction - and will affect every one of Massachusetts 351 cities and towns - none more so than Everett.

On November 4, the voters of Massachusetts have a clear choice before them with Question 3 – do we want to continue to export money, jobs and opportunity to neighboring state, or do we want to recapture lost revenue, create an estimated 16,000 jobs and careers and grow our vital tourism industry?

For us, it’s simple – a NO vote on Question 3 is the only choice to move Massachusetts forward.

Together, we have overcome many challenges and Wynn Everett will finally become a reality in our city - but we need your help one more time.

Can you help on Election Day to ensure that we can finish what we have begun? We will be making phone calls, standing out and talking to voters all day - please join us in making sure Everett and Massachusetts Votes NO on Question 3.

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As always, thank you for your continued support!



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